A Rainforest in the ocean

We cultivate seaweed in pristine Nordic ocean waters, improving people’s wellbeing and making a unique contribution to our blue planet.


premium quality

We seed, grow, harvest, and process seaweed ourselves. Our gentle handling process is performed locally by a team of passionate experts, who ensure the seaweed stays rich in nutrients.

We offer a collection of premium fully-traceable seaweed products, mostly to food and cosmetic producers.

Seaweed food.png

Healthy & Tasty SUPERFOOD

Our seaweed has a variety of health benefits, and contains beneficial proteins, antioxidants, minerals, essential trace elements, dietary fibres, and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

It is an excellent source of glutamates, which are amino acids that react with receptors on the tongue to create the umami taste.



We apply science, innovation and expertise, to grow premium seaweed in the pristine and wild North Atlantic Ocean.

By cultivating the seaweed instead of taking from wild stocks, we are sustaining the natural balance of our fjords. Our underwater rainforest also takes in more CO2, the more we grow.