About Ocean Rainforest

We are a young blue growth company located in the Faroe Islands. We offer a collection of Nordic seaweed products, mostly to food and cosmetic producers, and take part in research projects with a number of different partners.

Our purpose is to improve people’s wellbeing and to make a unique contribution to our blue planet. We do this by applying science, innovation and expertise, to grow premium quality seaweed for sale and for research.



Our Story

Ocean rainforest began in 2010, when we combined our knowledge of this unique ocean environment with our strong entrepreneurial spirit, to cultivate seaweed.

We started growing and harvesting the same species of wild seaweeds that formed part of our ancestors’ diets over a thousand years ago, because we wanted to have a positive impact on people and the environment.

Our inbuilt focus on research and innovation enabled us to develop world-class cultivation methods, making us Europe's leading seaweed cultivator, and a pioneer in our industry.

Our small team shares the same values, and through a diverse set of skills and years of combined experience, we continue to explore the potential of this versatile sea plant and meet growing market demand.

We are committed to running a lean and innovative company, with energy and integrity.


Our Team


Ólavur Gregersen

Managing Director, BA (Hons) MSc  
Olavur is our Managing Director, co-founder and a major shareholder in the company since 2012. Olavur is the Dissemination and Exploitation Manager of the European H2020 BioBased Industry project “Macro Cascade”, and the Technical Director of the US ARPA-E funded project “MacroSystems”.


Urd Grandorf Bak

Research and Innovation Manager, BA (Hons) MSc
Urd leads our research and innovation projects. She is an expert in environmental biology and geography and is currently completing an industry PhD in macroalgae cultivation at the National Food Institute at Danish Technological University in collaboration with Ocean Rainforest.


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Our Board


Magni Arge

Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors
Magni Arge has almost three decades of experience in leadership and management in several companies and associations. From his various board directorship and memberships in aviation, tourism and oil related industry he has gained a long experience in both Faroese and international business.


Steinbjørn í Dali

Director of the Board
Steinbjørn í Dali has a MSc. Business Administration and Economics. Steinbjørn grew up as an entrepreneur and has worked his entire life with innovation. Steinbjørn has for the last 30 years been involved in the start-up of several innovative companies both as director, as well as in other leadership positions.


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Our Facilities


Processeing Plant in Kaldbak

In 2017 Ocean Rainforest purchased a 620 m2 processing plant in Kaldbak.  The building has a capacity for cleaning, packaging, freezing, drying and ensiling. Furthermore, there is capacity for cold and dry storage. A hatchery for seaweed seedlings and a laboratory is also established at the facility.

The Ocean Rainforest processing plant in Kaldbak is certified by The Faroese Food Authority for food production.


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Our Sites


Cultivation Sites

The cultivation experiments were made in situ in the fjord Funningsfjørður in the Faroe Islands. The cultivation took place at two sites: in the outer part (A71) and the central part of the fjord (A02)


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