Our Facilities


Processing Plant in Kaldbak

In 2017 Ocean Rainforest purchased a 620 m2 processing plant in Kaldbak.  The building has a capacity for cleaning, packaging, freezing, drying and ensiling. Furthermore, there is capacity for cold and dry storage. A hatchery for seaweed seedlings and a laboratory is also established at the facility.

The Ocean Rainforest processing plant in Kaldbak is certified by The Faroese Food Authority for food production.



Our boat M/B Tongul FD 87 was built in 1991 by Johan Drage A/S. It is constructed with steel and is 12.2 m long and 5 m deep. Ocean Rainforest purchased Tongul in 2013. In 2017 Ocean Rainforest purchased the second vessel for its operation, and it has been named M/B Tang.

M/B Tongul has a crane that can lift 2-3 tons and a winch of similar tow capacity. Also, the vessel has a cargo that can carry 5-6 tons wet weight seaweed.  M/B Tang has a crane, winch and hold of approximately half the capacity of Tongul.

Ocean Rainforest also owns a zodiac speedboat which is used for sampling and research purposes.