Our Team

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Olavur Gregersen

Managing Director, BA (Hons) MSc  
Olavur is our Managing Director, co-founder and a major shareholder in the company since 2012. Olavur is the Dissemination and Exploitation Manager of the European H2020 BioBased Industry project “Macro Cascade”, and the Technical Director of the US ARPA-E funded project “MacroSystems”. He has been the coordinator of the Nordic Innovation project MacroValue; and the NORA project MacroBiotech and TaraTekstil. Olavur is frequently invited as a speaker at international conferences on seaweed cultivation and growth in the blue bioeconomy. He is a member of the Nordic Bioeconomy Panel and a member of the European Blue Bioeconomy Forum Steering Group working for DG Mare in EU.

Contact Ólavur
Phone: +298 233080
Email: olavur {a} oceanrainforest.com
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Urd Grandorf Bak

Research and Innovation Manager, BA (Hons) MSc
Urd leads our research and innovation projects. She is an expert in environmental biology and geography and is currently completing an industry PhD in macroalgae cultivation at the National Food Institute at Danish Technological University in collaboration with Ocean Rainforest.

Contact Urd:
Phone: +45 30264595
Email: urd {a} oceanrainforest.com
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Andreas (Dia) Hammer

Cultivation and Vessel Manager
Dia is responsible for harvesting, vessel operation and maintenance. He has many years of experience working on- and offshore and has also work with salmon farming in the Faroe Islands.


Rúni D. Joensen

Design and Offshore Construction Adviser, M.Eng   
Rúni D. Joensen is the chief designer behind the installations used by Ocean Rainforest. Mr. Joensen has a M.Eng in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Aberdeen, and has worked as an engineer and later as senior engineer with NOV-Elmar, an oil service company in Aberdeen, since 2002. In this work he has had extensive experience with the design of prototypes for off-shore installations.


Jacob Højgaard

Mechanical Chief and Maintenance Manager, BA (Hons)
Jacob manages maintenance for the company. He has an engineering degree from Copenhagen Maskinmester Skole and an engineering license. Before joining Ocean Rainforest, he worked for Chevron Shipping for 38 years, in roles both at sea and on land, including a Chief Engineerrole which he held for 20 years.


Katrin Ingolfsdóttir Gregersen

Administration Manager, BA (Hons) MSc
Katrin is an experienced corporate executive in company administration, project management, administration and dissemination. Katrin holds MSc in Supply Chain Management and a B.A. in Economics and Business Language (English and German) from Copenhagen Business School. Katrin works part-time at Ocean Rainforest.

Contact Katrin
Phone: +298 233081
Email: katrin {a} oceanrainforest.com
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Our Board


Magni Arge

Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors
Magni Arge has almost three decades of experience in leadership and management in several companies and associations. From his various board directorship and memberships in aviation, tourism and oil related industry he has gained a long experience in both Faroese and international business. Magni took on the challenge as CEO of Atlantic Airways, the national airline of Faroe Islands, in 1995 and led the company for almost twenty years. During this period the company became a profitable player in the Nordic area, was listed on the NASDAQ OMX in 2007 and won The European Regional Airline of the Year Award in 2012/13. 
Magni Arge was also elected to the Faroese parliament in September 2015, but has primarily represented Faroe Islands in the Danish parliament as one of two members elected in Faroe Islands.  
Magni studied political science, Nordic language and literature and journalism


Steinbjørn í Dali

Director of the Board
Steinbjørn í Dali has a MSc. Business Administration and Economics. Steinbjørn grew up as an entrepreneur and has worked his entire life with innovation. Steinbjørn has for the last 30 years been involved in the start-up of several innovative companies both as director, as well as in other leadership positions. Steinbjørn is a teacher at the Faroese  Business College Glasir, and runs his own consultancy firm - Dali Consulting. Steinbjørn is a MSc. in Business Administration and Economics.


Olavur Ellefsen

Director of the Board
Olavur Ellefsen is co-founder and has been on the board since the establishment of Ocean Rainforest. Olavur has co-founded and managed a number of software development, IT services, telecommunications, and educational technology startups since 1996. Most recently, in 2014 he sold Simprentis, an oil and gas education and training company, and its learning simulator OilSim to the major oilfield service company Schlumberger. Olavur currently works CEO in his own IT company Tøkni,  and is also chairman of the Faroese IT company Klintra. Olavur holds a MSc. degree in Business Administration and Computer Science from Copenhagen Business School.


Bergur Poulsen

Director of the Board
Bergur served as Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director of P/F Havsbrún for almost two decades and was responsible for the development of Havsbrún to a major fish meal, oil and feed producer in the North Atlantic.  Currently Bergur  chairman of the Board in P/F Eystur- og Sandoyartunlar - a state owned company established with the purpose of building and operating two subsea tunnels in the Faroe Islands.  Mr. Poulsen holds a M.Sc. degree in Pharmacy from the University of Copenhagen.


Gudny Langgaard

Director of the Board