Tara Tekstil

- A feasibility study on Blue Fashion using cultivated seaweed for textile production

The goal is to study the feasibility of “Blue Fashion” using seaweed cultivated and harvested in the North Atlantic and process it into seaweed fibres, that can be used in knitted and woven fabric.

The study will focus on four specific objectives:

  1. Identify and describe the functionalities of using seaweed in textile fibres.

  2. Conduct a Techno-Economic Analysis (TEA) of the production process using biomass cultivated or harvested in the North Atlantic.

  3. Identify target market segments and value propositions, estimate selling prices to textile producers and total market value on a five-year time scale.

  4. Test product items on a pilot scale (production and sale) using seaweed from the North Atlantic alone, and in combination with other sustainable and organic biomass sources, e.g. wood pulp, wool and cotton.


KOLBRUN and Ocean Rainforest

This project is funded by NORA (Nordic Atlantic Cooperation)