Alaria esculenta

(Winged seaweed/Wakame/Tang )
– frozen, dried or ensilaged


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We deliver fresh frozen, ensilaged and dried products. The dried product can be milled into different particle sizes, please see example of dried A. esculenta below. During the harvesting season delivery time is approximately one week from the Faroe Islands to the main ports in Europe. Outside season we normally carry a stock of most products.

Mixed size of dried A. Esculenta

Mixed size of dried A. Esculenta


Facts about Alaria esculenta

Olive or yellow-brown fronds to 4 m long and 25 cm wide, more often about 1 m and 7.5 cm wide. Attached by a root-like holdfast at the base from which a narrow flexible stipe arises which continues into the leafy part of the plant as a distinct mid-rib, generally with a yellow-brown colour (above). The reproductive structures, apparent as dark-brown areas, are confined to unbranched leafy appendages borne on the stipe, usually in two rows.

Coasts of the North Atlantic (France, Scotland, Ireland, Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands,  northeastern United States, northeastern Canada), the North Sea (England, Norway, Netherlands), Novaya Zemlya to the North Pacific (Bering Sea and Sea of Japan).

Alaria esculenta can be used for a variety of purposes from human consumption and alginate production to fodder and bodycare products. It is rapidly gaining popularity in the natural foods market. It is used for anti-aging body creams, foot creams, bath soaks, body and face masks, body polish, UV-protecting facial moisturizers, self-tanning lotions, lip balm, day- and night-creams, and nutritional supplements to name a few. It is high in calcium, Vitamins A, B2, B6, B12, K, iodine, and bromine, and also contains Vitamin C, nitrogen, boron, radium, rubidium, cadmium, cobalt, nickel, and trace elements. It is rich in sugars, proteins, vitamins and other trace metals and contains up to 42% alginic acid.